Why haven’t we heard before?

They turned their backs to the crimes against the innocents.

This child belongs to those who would stand in harm’s way for her.. You and I are responsible.

In the course of tracking down information concerning the failure of multiculturalism in Europe I came upon this: As many as 1400 female children were raped, tortured and abused in northern England  in a multitude of ways over a 16 year period. Sixteen years? Yes it seems that the authorities were aware of the crimes, but they apparently were so intimidated by the possibility of being accused of racism that they just let it go.

Of course the hard numbers are that 91% of child rape convictions in Britain have  Muslim perps. Muslims presently constitute 4% of the British population. Them boys should be given kudos for working overtime in  catching-up with the other 96% of the population.   Oh yes,virtually all the victims were  little white girls. No racism here!

When asked to read a sermon condemning such behavior, 75% of the Mosques that were asked to  condemn the incident, refused to co-operate in sending the anti-child rape message.