Taliban holding weaponsSo this is what happens when we leave.  Put your hand in a bucket of water, now pull it out. What mark is left of your passing?  That is your legacy. That is what remains. Nothing. We have thrashed around a bit in the bucket of Afghanistan, now the bucket stands alone and eventually, in just a year or two, undisturbed by our presence and passing.

The Russians left whimpering. The British are gone. Now the U.S. is leaving. Every army that has occupied Afghanistan leaves, tail gingerly tucked and like the water in the bucket, all will soon return to as it was. Tribal fealties, like all entrenched societal values, resist change.  And unless we re-educate the entire population to understand and accept a new and overarching system of living, it will always return to it’s original chaotic tribal condition. Such retraining could be a generatonal task, hardly worth the trip for a rock like Afghanistan.  The poppy fields are a consideration (either napalm or heroin refineries), depending on your attitude.

Obama should lend his model of change to the Afghanis, it might work where other promoted systems have failed. You must destroy the system in place first, then insert your favorite model. Of course you must displace all who would benefit from perpetuating the old system. (A pogrom or two could do this). But this story is going to be daily fare before long. The Wak-a-Mulla air war you got going on in northern Iraq and parts of Syria is the equivalent to a floating Maginot line. It is an incomplete strategy that has gaps big enough to deep-throat the Hindenburg.

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