Coronado Hall? “Don’t venture there after dark on a weekend honey!  It’s the jock dorm ya know!” (occasional sexual assaults).   A building full of jocks, full of grown manboys incapable of taking care of themselves, but manboys lavished with praise and payola for playing a game well.

So they end up in the news. Beating their children, beating their wives, screwing who they shouldn’t, date raping etc, etc. The problem is compounded by the number of these grown men who were raised by females alone. They did not have the voice of a father in their heads. A voice of reason over passion, of humility over grandiosity.

Male children have problems becoming men of substance when they have no men of substance to model proper  behavior. I have seen the terrible consequences to fatherless male children. Male children spoiled rotten as “Moms Little Man.” Of course puberty turns them into muscled up bullys who can now do real damage with their tantrums. Women, children and the public at large held victim to a  bully.


Things are different now. If you need proof I know a number of men who saved the world for you and me and all generations to come.  The world war two veteran, just try to get him to brag about himself. You may hear about the comrades in arms who never made it back. But you never hear more than “I was just doing my job.”

I am not much of a sports fan. I didn’t even know what position Jeter held on the field. But I admire the humility, and gratitude that turned a really great player into a great man. At Least in my humble estimation.

There is justice in the fact that the most  humble generation is now refered to as the greatest generation. Except by them.


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