While viewing a clip from “The View”  this morning, an expression on Rosie O’Donnell’s face sparked a memory from my distant past, just a couple of years into my career as a psychotherapist. In the course of therapy with a particular gay couple, (they were female, but through my career I found the basic problems that couples have to be identical across sexual preferences.).  Issues of power and control congealed around typical issues such as finances and family,. But also cited were knock-down drag outs over sexual  positions, (superior vs. inferior) who is dominant or submissive, generous or selfish, and who got to wear the Strap-0n. (your on your own for clarification) During the following video, there is a point at which Rosie O’Donnell had the look of one who lost the strap-on argument and was smarting from the results. Teehee!

It is refreshing, however, to witness a mega-lib like Obama run out of delusion-based rhetoric and be compelled to deal with reality. His little pink angel wings are getting dirty footprints all over them because they are now on the ground and he is backing over them as he gets set to punt his ideals over the ISIS uprights.. 

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