Life in Afghanistan

It is a habit of enemy combatants to label the opposition with various demeaning monikers that crowd the enemy into a singular group, denying their individual identities and making it much easier to kill, maim and plunder them with emotional impunity. The Burkah,  as illustrated in the pik below, deprives the females of Islam  an individual identity, making it easier to deny their humanity. The linked article to this pic discusses, in general, the activities of a relatively small number of IS terrorists  in a turf war with the Taliban over control of Afghani territory. The abuse of women and children is illustrated in putrid detail through victims statements……



Taliban holding weaponsSo this is what happens when we leave.  Put your hand in a bucket of water, now pull it out. What mark is left of your passing?  That is your legacy. That is what remains. Nothing. We have thrashed around a bit in the bucket of Afghanistan, now the bucket stands alone and eventually, in just a year or two, undisturbed by our presence and passing.

The Russians left whimpering. The British are gone. Now the U.S. is leaving. Every army that has occupied Afghanistan leaves, tail gingerly tucked and like the water in the bucket, all will soon return to as it was. Tribal fealties, like all entrenched societal values, resist change.  And unless we re-educate the entire population to understand and accept a new and overarching system of living, it will always return to it’s original chaotic tribal condition. Such retraining could be a generatonal task, hardly worth the trip for a rock like Afghanistan.  The poppy fields are a consideration (either napalm or heroin refineries), depending on your attitude.

Obama should lend his model of change to the Afghanis, it might work where other promoted systems have failed. You must destroy the system in place first, then insert your favorite model. Of course you must displace all who would benefit from perpetuating the old system. (A pogrom or two could do this). But this story is going to be daily fare before long. The Wak-a-Mulla air war you got going on in northern Iraq and parts of Syria is the equivalent to a floating Maginot line. It is an incomplete strategy that has gaps big enough to deep-throat the Hindenburg.


It warms my heart to think of  the opium producers of Afghanistan free to go on producing a steady 80% of the world’s opium. The countless tribes that carry on the tradition of “might makes right” in their various armed conflicts with other Afghani tribes can carry on their former Pre-Taliban lifestyle of armed conflicts with other Afghani tribes.. We have transformed, through American courage, blood and treasure,  a place where the lone traveler was doomed to the will of the highwaymen who picked them clean and left them for dead in a ditch, into a nation where the lone traveler can look forward to being picked clean by highwaymen and left for dead in a ditch.

I feel they all owe us a debt of gratitude at least, for ridding them of that pesky Taliban crew that was horning in on their  really primo dope slinging corner next to the on-ramp to the 8th century.



Obama is the Anti-Christ; Obama Muslim operative; He is a corrupt Chicago politican, etc., etc., etc., These are a few answers to the Obama conundrum. As yet I have found any single condition that would explain Barack Obama’s behavior. Plain old incompetence seems a good candidate but as yet I am not willing to commit.

I do appreciate someone has finally broached the topic of mental condition. It has been next to impossible to explore all avenues unmolested do to the screening role of the Main stream media. If the news bodes ill for the Obama agenda it is either ignored or obscured by the msm. Why does a leader, faced with the fact that the economy is struggling, increase the tax burden. Why does a leader, embatteled by terrorist from the first day of his administration, apologize to those who would see America dead. Why does a leader side with a terrorist organization that is the granddad of all other terrorist organizations in the first free elections ever held in Egypt? We were reading about the brotherhood,and it’s very open hatred for the united states during the Bush administration. Why? The list fades to infinity, ad nauseum and beyond!
These are such basic issues, and considering how obvious the answers are, only a deliberate sabatour or an imbecile would behave as our commander in Chief does. Or a socialist bent on weakening or eliminating the present system in order to replace our enterprise with socialism.



He “walked off” from his post, weaponless. He was heard to sympathize with the so called plight of the Afghani’s. His father, speaking Pashtun, also claimed sympathy with the enemy and in a tweet vowed to continue trying to free Guantanamo prisoners.

Well they got five out. All that glitters is not gold, fellow Blog-stalkers, the Hammer advises you look twice at our little soldier hero. He is a wartime deserter boys and girls and they can find no one in the military that will back him. Mark the Hammers word BS’rs, the question as to whether he will “stand before the man” on charges of desertion will be addressed soon.
Typical Obama production.   He once was heard to say that he “he was ashamed to be American“.He saved the most extreme wild-eyed America hater in the middle east.