This bloggist has had a rare opportunity to observe muslim life on a truly intimate level. My sister and all of her family are of the Muslim faith. I have lived with, and broken bread with Muslims for the past 34 years.
I have mentioned recently that the average muslim, regardless of their overt behavior, agrees that they “understand” the point of view of the terrorist. Even though all Muslims I have met have been law abiding citizens, to the last soul they tacitly consent to the actions of this “small number”.

I find that I have been quite the hawk in my attitude toward foreign policy. And I can encourage an aggressive stance in foreign relations because I know that it is not I that will find bullets flying overhead. But those good people in the U.S. will carry out the military actions to express the will of the United States while I sit surfing channels at the house. The relationship of the average Muslim to terrorism  is similar. Although they say they would never do such things, they do nothing to discredit or defame those who do.  And if pressed, they soften their views and parse their words carefully.  About one billion Muslims on the planet, and not one Mullah speaks against the violence.
The crimes being perpetrated cannot be tolerated by men of conscience. To turn your head to wanton predation upon the innocent is to kill a part of yourself And it makes the coward a conspirator and gives permission for all men to turn away as well. The women of Islam are being held captive to the most sexually fucked up race of sadists, and killers in the whole of history.
You may as well hired Ted Bundy as the Minister of Culture in this dystopic rot of a dream of a world wide Caliphate, built on the ruins of a squandered western primacy.  In a historic sense, a sea change  in the course of progress of western civilization and ultimately humanity en masse  Right now we are deciding whether we are on the cusp of a the best years for the world, or the decline of civilization.


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