The Void



The swabbie at the tiller has put us on the rocks. Although entertaining and life-threatening,  corrections must be made.  The of primary problems is filling the gaping hole left on the map of the middle east.  An instant and there is some despot to fill the void.




  The fate of millions rests within the presidents word and deed. Good or bad, the relationship between the U.S. and Israel holds the middle east in balance. When our bond is weak and conflict ridden our enemies are emboldened. Iran, who has a stated a mission to annihilate Israel, is building nukes. Pakistan, a country manufactured to be occupied by a group who could not get along with anybody has nukes. They watch as our administration swings from self-aggrandizement and petty squabbling with Israel. If you’re gonna lunge, now would be the time to jump. And baby the mid-east is jumpin’.

A leader who has lost the respect of his people will not be respected by anybody. Sorry, hard fact. The world is not populated with classmates at Harvard, no one cares that you’re well hung in the frontal lobes.  Lectures are not incantations, you cannot change reality by any application of rhetoric. The visceral will have it’s due. Time, energy spent, sacrifice such are the dues. They (this is embarrassingly obvious) have not been paid. It’s a character thing, he will never be able to pony up what’s necessary. This is his moment, and he doesn’t have the stuff. He and his anti-Semite godfather, Jimmy Carter, should go on tour after this term is up.

 Something more grown up will do. You know, behavior that is not limbic system thrashing about. Engage your Neo-cortex Oh! Captain!! Use diplomacy, compromise, show interest! Have some dignity ya dope! Think of the betterment of the whole, not your scorecard of bad acts in bad relationships.

Whoever called Netanyahu a chicken-shit should get his papers. Of course that’s kind difficult for the exec when you are saying the same things that your expected to fire others over.