Maduros Long Goodby


For the first half of my life, (appx. 30 years) I lived under the “sword of Damocles” of nuclear annihilation.  I felt the fragility of life and peace between  the Soviet Union and the U.S. Some estimations tell us that between the antagonists, the surface of a the Earth could be scoured of life thirty-six times over. The inherent competition between the two nations, and their guiding principles could not have been farther apart nor any more antagonistic. There were moments when we waited breathlessly to know whether we would have to make our peace in about a half hour. The length of time it would take before the first warheads would be detonating over cities of the two countries.

Direct confrontations between the two nuclear powers was unthinkably treacherous so conflicts were fought out by proxy. Like a grim game of wack-a-mole each power struck out wherever the opposition was trying to influence countries to align with communism or conversely, with Democracy. When things got too hot and wars broke out, they would be fought “on behalf” of one or the other superpower.

Now Cubans are in Venezuela and a few Russians too..  This is the first significant intercession of Russians in this neck of the woods since the “Cuban Missile Crisis” circa ’61, that literally had the world minutes from a planet skinned of life.

If not for the intercession of Russian forces, the transition of power in Venezuela would be finished.  Maduro was attempting to catch a flight out of town. He was kickin’ rocks, he was fading into the sunset….. BUTT!  the Ruskies said no, and convinced Maduro to stay.  Prolonging the agony of the Venezuelan people. For more KLIKDAPIK below


The “Monroe Doctrine” proclaims “keep your hands off the western hemisphere.”. Good pragmatic reasoning says it is ill advised to play in your neighbors back yard when he hates you and might shoot you if you do. But Mr. Putin in particular, is not the most delecute of blossoms. The old ex-KGB is as much a bully-boy as Trump, so when he comes around our back door we take note.

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