They’ve Given you a Number………

CNN……These letters, so long venerated as the last word in news journalism and ethical standards has been taking more shots lately. The CIA has most recently slapped the News channel down for what it described as “Fake News” concerning an”asset” forced to be extracted from Russia because of Trumps careless handling of Top Secrete information.  For the first time in the history of organization, since its days as the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), in world war two, the intelligence service has found it necessary to nail a News outlets hide to the barn door.

What was meant to be a simple hit peace on Trump, bent at describing him as a loose cannon who couldn’t be trusted with confidential information,. expanded to an interdepartmental conflict with American lives in jeopardy.

Wrong move. According to CIA sources, the information in the CNN report was false. FALSE! Ethics? Professionalism, Duty, Honor and personal/professional responsibility could crop up in a more expanded  discussion of  the press and  the lives that are in jeopardy because of ginned-up tripe to bushwhack a sitting president.

The cherry on top is that when the shit hit the proverbial fan, a bunch of the press boys/girls rushed over to the spies house to get more information on all things Russian!

THEY WENT TO HIS HOME!  The lead dog in Russia, a shirtless Demigod named Putin, kills those who betray or otherwise displease him. SO THE PRESS DRIVES OVER TO THE SPIES HOUSE! Who knows who was taking up the rear position in following them to their quarry! It could be Boris and Natasha  ………….KLIKDAPIK for more……

The CNN Center in Atlanta is pictured in a 2015 file photo.

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