Is It 1984 ?

I must defend freedom of speech. I am apposed to shouting FIRE in a crowded theater, as I am opposed to any words that precipitate harm to others. But the what about the tender sensitivities of those who would ruin your life for uttering unapproved utterances. Where is the ministry of acceptable utterances? From what fountainhead gushes the long litany of prohibited speech. Is it Winston Smith, sitting in his booth, making amendments to each spoken word? The pik below is linked to an article about a city councilor who made the statement that it was natural to be afraid of Muslims. Whether it was a mistake for her to say or not I leave to others to debate. My personal perspective is that where there is smoke there is fire and the only sect smoldering on a regular basis are the Muslims.  My concern is that she apparently apologized and then resigned from her position. Is that the cost of speech? Either I wait for the public pillaring or I just go ahead and fall on my sword first.

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