Making distinctions between moralality or immorality in killing is fragile ice,  just to avoid , if anything, to avoid accusations of  becoming an apologist for murder. This stand tends to taint the advocate, regardless  of the merits of his case. Whether or not a capital action such as  killing a human being is rewarded, what the is the reward and to whom do the benefits of the killing/killings fall?  Sometimes that benefit is the debt owed to society by the taker of lives, Of the conflicts that this republic has settled with arms, we, as a country,  have never demanded territory or tribute upon victory. We have asked for only as much territory as it would take to bury our dead,  not a yard more.  As far as reasons for killing, the Muslim rational is that killing is a  religious obligation  with death during Jihad the goal ………………………………………………………..This license to kill is further codified  by the superior attitude that is premoted bythe Muslim literature.  Infidels and apostates are ‘lesser beings’ and the sin of killing a lesser being is not as bad as killing another Muslim.  

…………a prize that will get the jihadi into heaven with perks, (several sets of beautiful virgins ) for their trouble.. The mission of sinew is an example of strength that can be and is used for two, diametrically opposed ends. .The strength in my arm can be used  offensively, for  the vanquishing of enemies, or the strength in  a mans arm can be used defensively,  to help and protect those who cannot protect themselves..

You can use a hammer to drive nails, or you can kill somebody with it. It is just a matter of what you chose to do with what you have. And more than that…..WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART.

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