One death is a tragedy, a million is just a statistic.

title by joseph stalin

He was gay. That’s his crime.  That’s his companion down below.

3 thoughts on “One death is a tragedy, a million is just a statistic.

    • Essentialy you’re right . We, all people, across all cultures, are born with certain basic drives. The instincts to fight, flee, feed and fornicate. It is the job of parents to teach the child, just as all higher level mammals do. In modern society, it is the task of the family and individual t retrain these instincts and the energy they provide, toward socially acceptable behavior. Much, nay, most of what Jesus Christ taught went against these primitive instincts. BUt if a culture is based upon satisfying these instincts without regard for society and the rights of others, things like murder, rape etc. become the “normal” way of life. The teachings of the Koran say, take what you want, screw who you want, as long as your of the “selected” people you make the rules for the rest. I must fight against these self serving beliefs, if I want civil society to survive.


      • Amen! Christ represents the Anti-Id. Ancient cultures swam in a boiling brew of conquest and cruelty, and those who were best able to defeat their own gag-reflex and gut the most neighbors got all the goodies they could heist. Jesus in the most basic truths, was a radical thinker. Turning the other cheek was a fools errand to the ancient world.


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