Go tell the Israelis

Why in the world would the Israelis build a wall to keep terrorists from entering their country! Have they not listened to Nancy Pelosi?  Don’t they know that walls don’t work? That they are immoral. Racist!!! Yes they have built walls before that reduced incidents of illegal crossings by over 90%  What have they got at stake?  Yes the fellows that enter Israel illegally will kill when they cross over. Stabbings and suicide bombers are the reason Israel builds the walls. The border crossers in Israel do not want a job. They do not want asylum. They want to kill. Yet……the idiot Israelis continue to build these ineffective and immoral walls to protect their people and their country. Could it be that the barriers do their part. America should go to the real experts on border control,  like the Germans.

A Palestinian protester throws a rock at Israeli soldiers during a demonstration along the barrier between Israel and the Gaza Strip on November 9, 2018




Peruse this short article concerning comments made by our favorite folk-singer in a funny hat ( the Pope). He asserts that we somehow condemn, impose, coerce or talk mean to immigrants and force them to live in Ghettos. The pontiff  asserted we are forcing western style democracy on them and are damaging their “tribal” cultural structures.

Libs and their pretzel logic: Libs, (with due respect I think it’s safe to call the pope a lib) get the whole cause and effect formula back-asswards. No one forces these folk into a ghetto they cloister according to their language, origin and culture. Thus the “no go zones” that coalesce whenever there is a large enough group of like minded brethren. They form their own ghettos. And remember little Libtards, every slum, in particular, those built for low income, was as bright and clean as can be when first built. Hmmmm? Well who did all the damage, left the garbage in the streets and spray-paint on the walls? ANSWER ME. THINK ABOUT IT! Who trashed the no go zones?

People make slums.

Western style democracy in the libtard playbook: WHAT is western style democracy?  I guess it’s not a sixth century system of nabobs and potentates administering justice through the blood-soaked halls of Sharia justice. Or it’s the style of democracy that imposes a third class citizenship on females….. I wonder, (An aside if I were writing a play), do they let you keep the hacked-off arms and other body parts? You know, so that part can be buried along with the rest of the body when you finally kick.

The cherry on the Libtards hot fudge (halal of course), Sunday: The Paris killing spree was committed by ‘children of immigrants, raised in ghettos. To shorten the story. We, not the trigger pullers and human bombs,  caused the massacre of over thirty Parisians a few months ago! How is that for Papal Bull!

Pardon me but I fell out of my chair. My eyes were filed with tears. I still can’t tell whether I was crying or laughing or both.


When you lie with Dogs you get up with Fleas

Bush-and-AbdullahI always liked uncle Dubya .  I still believe he has a good moral compass and is, by nature, a righteous dude. But the fickle finger of fate appears to have him at the center of a storm over a couple of  terrorists of Saudi Origin. Brother Dubya knows right from wrong. He should be held accountable for his actions.

Total energy independence is within very easy reach for the U.S.  Our snuggle with the family of Saud can end now. We don’t have to let that bad Arab have his way with us just to keep the lights on anymore. We don’t have to do the horizontal bop with the Family dynasty of Bedouine goat herders on the Arabian peninsula who hit their number when oil sprouted from the sand.    sponsor to madrassas teaching Wahhabi hate to every young and programmable Arab child’s ear. Fourteen of the 911’s were Saudi’s.  Me thinks they are sounding a bit too shrill  in their “You better not tell!  OR ELSE!” concerning the 28 pages of the 911 report that have never been de-classified.” The leaks, thus far, are tasty. Or tragic. Just start with this little article by Spencer. Klikdapik above to read on.




POTUS elects to carp at GOP for serving as a recruitment tool for ISIS?  He calls Paris a setback. I wonder what the reaction would have been if France stated that 911 was just a ‘setback’. 

Again his competence to lead is called into question.  People are dying and dead. The world is on fire. Chicken little is fried. The rabbit died?, (ages me doesn’t it), all forms of harbinger  are spent and the handwriting on the wall is the last word. “Washington is next.” So say ISIS.

President Obama,  springing to action in response to the terrorist attack on our long term ally, France,   CHEWED OUT REPUBLICANS! Are we Duh-oomed by our dear POTUS? (Duh-oomed is when you get socked by someone because of your leaders stupidity.) DUH-OOMED! I SAY!!




Location baby, its everything!

OH! MY! Pardon me ladies and germs , but we appear to be experiencing some problems with terrorists gaining access to the kitchen via the wainscoting. Little Debbie spun a squakin’ banty Terrorist centralrooster. It sounded like a fat man popping his knuckles, a muted pop said the chicken was ready to pluck. The dead bird twitched and Little Deb said, “Hammer, just tell the pinko swine who runs the country to seven dust everything and then give us a call when the problem is solved.”

Taco Pete stirred, crawled from the walk-in closet. He pops two hundred clams a month for the closet, bathroom and kitchen privileges. “I’m not goin’ unless they are all deceased! Period”!

To this submission hammerman barked. “If they had set the venue in Siberia, at least the terrorists would have to be inconvenienced by having to travel a distance, maybe buy a plane ticket. As it stands they all could walk to the Olympic village on their lunch break to have a bit of a detonation before not returning to work.”

Sochi, her back against the Black Sea, is surrounded on all landward sides by Muslim countries heretofore involved in trying to kill Russians for fun, profit, and to get rid of all that old C-4 that had gotten mouldy. Allah Akbar!

It appears that there’s nothing but pissed Muslims for a thousand miles in any direction from Sochi. What the fuck was Putin thinking about ?