POTUS elects to carp at GOP for serving as a recruitment tool for ISIS?  He calls Paris a setback. I wonder what the reaction would have been if France stated that 911 was just a ‘setback’. 

Again his competence to lead is called into question.  People are dying and dead. The world is on fire. Chicken little is fried. The rabbit died?, (ages me doesn’t it), all forms of harbinger  are spent and the handwriting on the wall is the last word. “Washington is next.” So say ISIS.

President Obama,  springing to action in response to the terrorist attack on our long term ally, France,   CHEWED OUT REPUBLICANS! Are we Duh-oomed by our dear POTUS? (Duh-oomed is when you get socked by someone because of your leaders stupidity.) DUH-OOMED! I SAY!!


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