Thanksgiving……………..When they Discovered Americans

Ignorance is when you don’t know because you have never been exposed to the information. Stupidity is the inability to learn material even after you have been exposed. You can be willfully ignorant by not seeking out knowledge, and you can be deliberately stupid through the lack of use of your higher facility with logical thought and goal directed, focused attention. I have little patience with either group. Both groups are defined by VOx’s take on Bonnie and Clyde. They call it a myth that we have been getting wrong all these years. KLIKDAPIK for more…….                                        






The College kids on the beach will know something won’t they ? They will prevail! Our Nubile nymphs of  Higher ED. are special! Well It has been said, by me, that one of there greatest dangers to Democracy is ignorance of the past. As a Matter of fact, stupidity in general is the greatest danger this republic can face.

 It appears the American student is fast becoming a great Cornucopia of “Duh I don’t know.”   It is shocking to a sweet young soul (me) from the plains of western Oklahoma, to hear student after student stammer and develop flop sweat at the most basic question. I was raised to respect knowledge more than any other virtue. Books were treated as well a family members. A page corner was never turned to mark a place in a volume, paperback or not. On this THANKSGIVING I give most reverent request to my eternal parents. They have elevated me to my dying breath by inculcating me with a love of knowledge that has made my world a limitless place to explore.

Thx Mom and Dad



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