I remember seeing the riots at the 1969 Democratic convention when cops were swinging their nightsticks HARD and not pausing too long to fear the repercussions as they stuffed the miscreants into paddy wagons in the most rude manner!  The violence was violent. Ugly to watch, deeply disturbing to contemplate….these were Americans, coming to violence against other Americans. The impetuous for the civil discord was far greater than the fairytale oppressions being cobbled together on the fly by the left in congress these days. Of course rather than scoffing at safe zones, and attempting to secure our southern border, we are  we had a little thing called the Vietnam war to debate.                                                                        for more KLIKDAPIK below

The reason for the season lies in the long range plans of the left. 1:Open the borders, 2: Adopt the migrants into the Democratic party with a supermarket of benefits and buy-offs; 3: Install a socialist superstructure to handle the mass of displaced persons relying on government assistance to survive. 4: Send flowers to the Constitution for the funeral of what was once the United States of America.

Of course this blog posting follows on the heels of another post discussing Maxine Waters rabble rousing rancor and call for conservatives to be physically and publicly confronted. Just a snap away from ‘incitement to riot’.

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