The Grand Poobah of Terror and Death

Preaching to the choir is a self-gratifying thing. I sincerely suspect that is what I do most of the time. Should a progressive, democratic socialist, liberal happen to stumble onto this spec of a blog, I hope they pause and pocket their bias long enough to read the article linked to the pic below. 


ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant)  recently posted a gruesome video of the beheading of journalist James Foley as an open challenge to America. Along with the video went the message that the United states was In the crosshairs as well. The threat is a common one, used by such as Al-Qaeda and their ilk. But this threat has different dimensions than previous threats. They have huge money ,and they have a virtual army of bloodthirsty troops ready to do the bidding of the leadership. They have acquired real-estate  that is greater in area  than Syria or Iraq. Large regions of both strife – ridden states have been carved then combined to form ISIS’s caliphate.

Their violence is beyond description, their intentions are nihilistic to the extreme and with a  modern-day Caliphate they can easily acquire a suitcase nuke or two. We could see Obama’s home town, Chicago, Illinois  sprout a mushroom cloud.

In the days of the cold war, we had nuclear holocaust drills. At the bell grade-schoolers would line the school hallways, cover and crouch. To kiss our little asses goodbye? Probably.

But all sensed that the opponents had a rational desire to thrive and an ability to appreciate the consequences of rash action. We owned despots, they owned despots and most regional questions were decided by proxy. At no time did one feel an irrational nut had single handed sway over the fate of the world. There are no governing factors in the ISIS playbook    Apocalyptic, nihilistic, eager to usher in the twelfth Imam and begin Armageddon. ISIS is too extreme for Al Qaida and is denied affiliation for tactics beyond the pale by miles.  ISIS is a plane ticket away. Our borders are open and an army of thousands could be brand new Texans in very short order. The most wise mindset is that they are already here and more are in transit.

. “………something wicked this way comes.”