Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a  shiney new congressperson, paused a minute after the flood of blowback when she equated detention centers along our southern border to Nazi death camps such as Auschwitz. In that minute she looked up concentration camp in the dictionary and doubled down on calling detention centers concentration camps.

Armed with a rather vague, watered down definition of “concentration camp” she courageously carries on spreading disinformation wherever she goes. Below is a rather fetching pic of AOC that links to a good article about this issue.

Below is a REAL concentration camp that spawned the phrase, “Never again”….¬† which she used to make certain we knew she was equating U.S. detention centers to Nazi death camps.

Below is a child picking out some clean new/used clothes to wear at a U.S. detention center. His old clothes will be washed and returned.

Just Leave the Bottle on the Bar. I’ll pour my Own Drinks!

Our dear AOC is defending a pay raise that springboards from the 174K (one hundred and seventy-four thousand dollars a year) that she presently is burdened with. When confronted with the ugly appearance of voting yourself a pay raise she changes it to a “cost of living adjustment” and then tries to bribe an entire country to make the boo-boo less painful.