And Now a Word from the Trump Haters.

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Through several layers of plastic surgery, Steve Tyler demands Trump not play his music. Of course such duct tape repairs are the single greatest sign of a fellow who has changed his address to Has- Been City. For some, reality is not pretty enough.

Here are a few people who suffer under the delusion that they know something.










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Of course when you can get away with playing one role (Yourself)  repeatedly for your entire career, saying “fuck you” to the president  is best you can do.









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OK so what if he left a career making billions to become the most powerful man on earth AND ALL WE GET ARE THESE DUMB SIGNS. By the way, what do they say?








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“I would rather be fat and stupid than vote for Trump!”

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I hate Trump. Now do you want to talk about my vagina for 90 minutes?

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