The Pledge


About a decade ago one of my daughters asked me for some assistance with her homework. Upon a cursory glance at her  history text book I noticed mention of the first European contacts with native Americans. The text was quite clear in stating that Europeans (the Spanish in this instance) had deliberately spread disease among the Mayan population by giving them infected blankets. It was also pointed out quite clearly that Europeans were dirty and the Mayan population more hygienic than the conquistadors.

 At no time was it mentioned that the Mayans cut the beating heart out of hundreds of thousands of  fellow natives in gruesome religious ceremonies that included the bouncing of human heads down the steps of the pyramids they built. It also seemed odd to me that the Spanish knew about germ theory a few hundred years before it was discovered in the late nineteenth century. 

To say the least I was shocked by the revision of history by the inclusions and exclusions of the text. It gave the impression that an idyllic Eden had been plundered by bloodthirsty villains from across the water. Well they were killed in droves by the Spanish as was the custom of conquering and killing at that time. No denying the villainy of the Spanish. And at that time the spread of disease happened from ignorance as much as anything. My objection was the deliberate manipulation of information to  present a skewed version of the reality of the times in order to support a desired world view of the educators who had my child in their clutches.

The linked article discusses one Educators attempt to indoctrinate children to a particular world view by eliminating the pledge of allegiance from classrooms.  

The pic below links to an article concerning  parents who rejected a school boards decision to take another step towards global indoctrination of our children. AND WON!

See the source image

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