Oops did I do it Again (says the mainstream media)

My face was soaked with the foaming spittle  spraying from my computer screen as I read mad dog foaming at the mouth tirades over Trump keeping people in dog cages.

I lived through the civil rights struggle of the sixties. Anti-war demonstrations,  the riots, all the countercultural claptrap of the sixties and seventies and on and on and on,  in all the convulsions of  a country losing its identity. But I never saw the raw vitriol and homicidal rages that are filling a chasm that rips down the guts of our Republic like I see now on the social network. I fear for the future of my country. Click the pic below to read about the true history of this photo. Words been spread that they are innocent immigrants cruelly caged by Trump. But the photo was taken in 2014, during the Obama administration.


Fake News? Me? The NEW YORK TIMES?


IMAGINE LIVING LIFE AS ……….”Wild Bill” Hickok’s son….waiting for some kid looking for a reputation as a bad ass by shooting Wild Bills son. And you can’t hit the broad side of a barn in a shoot-out. Kind of a nervous life if you ask me.

Well I don’t think the editors of the New York Times are living up to the standards of the “Grey Lady” of past years. The main stream news has been so politisized for so long your millinial reporters, reared on the “free range” chicken shit  of the political left, have no idea of the ethics of their own profession.



I have been hacked. My worthless information was gleened and they screwed my computer. But it just took and afternoon and a little work with passwords and all is well. At least for the moment. (My spouse fixed it).

I remember the old image of the hopelessly cynical news reporters, not believing anything or anybody and holding everyones feet to the journalistic fire without regard to  private prejudices. There was a time when most newspapers just told you who they backed and that was that. We were saved the embarrassment of having to listen to tones of objectivity by a press that can’t hold it’s water when  Barak Obama entered the room. I am much more comfortable with a openly hostile main stream media attacking Pres. elect Trump than listening to them blow-viate about their favorite ex- POTUS, B. Obama.

God bless and keep you…..far away from me.