If not for the attempt at leveling the playing field by creating the electoral college, presidents would be picked by New York, California and a couple other sea-board states every election.  The “fly-over states” comprising most of the land mass of the country would never be heard from again. 

But these oh so un-cosmopolitan western and southern hicks just couldn’t let it pass this time. Too many deliberately self destructive  moves, (by this I mean damaging to the U.S. itself) openly  perpetrated by the present administration, lit a fire under the good ol’ boys (heretofore considered the “silent majority”).  They issued forth from their swamps and farms, mesas and mountains and turned the ignition on their Humvees and pick-up trucks and poured out to the voting places to set things right.

They, me or we, couldn’t take anymore identity politics, obsessive focus on what people do with their genitals, how terrible America and Americans should feel for thriving etc. While the world at lage was coming apart at the seams.


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