I guard against giving too much credence to every declaration that every little Mullah mutters.  Muslim cleric: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem would be declaration of war on IslamTrump, however, has given more than a few Muslims the rectal spasm. His tendency to do what he says he’s going to do, the exact opposite of his predecessors strategy of “Leading from Behind” sounds a lot like “Dads home Johnny, now your gonna get it!” 

You don’t  whip out your pocket copy of “The Prophet” for and impromptu reading as a master stroke at pounding someone’s ass! 

North Korea is lead by a sociopathic dwarf with nuclear war-heads ready for delivery, Pakistan, no real friend of the west,  has nuclear eggs in the silos ready to go. Iran’s Mullahs lead Death to America (the great Satan) pep rallies every week,  They  collect atomic centrifuges , tons of raw radioactive material,  early stage ICBMs and a  promise to start Armageddan by wipeing Israel of the face of the earth  We respond!  WE DEBATE VAGINA EMPOWERMENT!





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