Hitchikers from South of the River Styx


Over 60 years on the planet and I never encountered a bed bug. Bed bugs were the stuff of bed-time rituals. Ya know, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” I never saw a bed bug and as yet have not had the pleasure of their company. As a matter of fact I never knew anyone who had seen, been bitten by, crawled on or left a nasty note under their windshield wiper by a bed bug. Bed bugs were in Snow Whites world, not mine. For the last ten years the bed bugs have been on the ove. I have been thus far spared but many have not. A couple of my off-spring have had to battle the tenacious little critters. It sucks, they are practicly indestructible.

And what’s this I hear about a new antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis? Super-TB? The Hanta Virus,  is crawling around the American southwest, waiting for an opportunity. It’s a form of  Bubonic plague, (black plague you know, like in the middle ages. you get it from rat droppings.

Diseases that we have yet to fight in north America are crossing our open southern border, arriving at the airport and floating over “the pond”. I just can’t wait till Bubonic plague (yes it still rears it’s nasty snozzle occasionally ), makes it’s dramatic entrance. No  Little Mary, Small pox is not a thing of the past. Now with increasing frequency, we will be fighting a third world war with disease.

I had a dream when I was seven. I dreamt the creatures of the wood, dear, elk, beavers, bears and mountain cats chased me straight off a cliff. I woke up when I hit the floor.

Now I have this dream of a flood of humanity, in a stampede across our open borders To the North they bring the socialism. To the south a tsunami of untrained, illiterate, non-English speaking masses flood across our land…. here is Mexico City….


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