When you lie with Dogs you get up with Fleas

Bush-and-AbdullahI always liked uncle Dubya .  I still believe he has a good moral compass and is, by nature, a righteous dude. But the fickle finger of fate appears to have him at the center of a storm over a couple of  terrorists of Saudi Origin. Brother Dubya knows right from wrong. He should be held accountable for his actions.

Total energy independence is within very easy reach for the U.S.  Our snuggle with the family of Saud can end now. We don’t have to let that bad Arab have his way with us just to keep the lights on anymore. We don’t have to do the horizontal bop with the Family dynasty of Bedouine goat herders on the Arabian peninsula who hit their number when oil sprouted from the sand.    sponsor to madrassas teaching Wahhabi hate to every young and programmable Arab child’s ear. Fourteen of the 911’s were Saudi’s.  Me thinks they are sounding a bit too shrill  in their “You better not tell!  OR ELSE!” concerning the 28 pages of the 911 report that have never been de-classified.” The leaks, thus far, are tasty. Or tragic. Just start with this little article by Spencer. Klikdapik above to read on.


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