The Texas Tribune/YouTubeFinally! Civilization responding with an appropriately inappropriate act.  It seems to be creeping through the cracks a bit. For the greater part of my young life of 59 years I have heard of the silent majority. I haven’t particularly heard them. I heard of them. Because…..the silent majority is silent,    ya nudniks!

I have been aware of the “silent majority” for about fifty years. They have won quite a few elections but they never are caught howling at the moon like the progressives. They are without charm.  But they are a bit of a soft-spoken bunch. Unless your sitting in their living room. Then just turn on Fox and you’ll hear a very well thought out diatribe from your host. Well  Hammer says the “Great Howl” from the silent majority is long overdue.

The corrosive effect of the gradual loosening of  moral/ethical strictures have changed the landscape of the American character.  With 43% of American households on one form of Govt. assistance or another.  It is going to take a virtual counter-attack to begin reconditioning our society to the work ethic that built our nation, the greatest nation in history.


 The use of the word “tainted” expresses the foundational  beliefs of Huff and her ilk.

Capital Day “Tainted” according the “Huffy Post.”

Just cuz I like the look!

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