Kanye West Bullies the Grammies

He must have been a real peach of a kid once.

While discussing Anny Lennox’s  performance of   “I put a Spell on You”,  Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was hit upon and I showed my 18 yar old the version with bones through his nose and about his neck. I happened upon his Saturday Night Live performance as well. I include here his bone-free version on the Merve Griffen Show. My daughter commented that you could never broadcast such obviously racist material today. She was right. But we were a little more thick skinned then.

Sadly it appears we are in a nation that has gotten worse rather than better.

Here is another rather odd  performance by Jay Hawkins in which his piano skills are showcased.

It seems,sometimes, that we are a land that sees no common future for us. Nothing to strive for.  So quick to bruise and retaliate. So reluctant to believe in the common experience of just being human in the same world.



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