AP Photo/CZAREK SOKOLOWSKIHow can a guy over sixty look so cute? There is something wrong with that. But Herr Spielberg’s natural Jewdar is indeed picking up a resurgence of anti-Semitism throughout Europe. Tet.20 has begun. Up through the cracks in the fading façade of agape from the  9/11 THE MALIGNANCY AWAKENS TO DINE UPON THE BODY OF MAN.I agree with Krauthammer in his opinion that Europe has always been deeply anti semetic. The  years of tolerance following the second world war has been the anomaly, not the norm..  The reassertion of Jew hating is actually a system reasserting homeostasis.


Socialism has a dismal record of relationship with European Jewry. In particular, the Soviet union literally eradicates  whole Jewish communities in pogram throughout it’s history.