She’s an American Girl! And She Just Can’t Help Herself

Little Deb,  was darning some holes in a chain-male codpiece I used to sport during family gatherings  and such.  She was agog and thunderstruck at Michelle Obamas behavior during a handshake line at the Saudi’s digs in Saudi land. “You go girl!” Deb barked at the T.V.

I instantly assumed my beloved had sprung a leak. I fully expected to get sprayed with spinal fluid at any moment.

MICHELLE OBAMA REFUSED TO COVER HER MELON FOR THE “HOUSE OF SAUD (SAH OODE).” And she stood in the greeting line, not having her hand shaken by the misogynist Bedouins  in charge.  So! I must maintain my intellectual integrity and admit when my spiritual foe has stumbled into behavior I, (and Little Debbie) approve of. Ya done good Michelle.

One of the guys is staring at her hair. (just to her left). I don’t know where his left hand is. HMMMMMM? He does, however, have a rather silly grin on his face. (Double Hmmmmm?) Is he playing “pup tent”.


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