The mellow Ann Coulter talks soccer in America. Do we have to be Europe?

“It’s from France Ezrah, it’s fancy!”

 Americas’ fascination with this quaint pastime of the rest of the planet is just another example of the low self esteem of the American Liberal nation. I have been a “Soccor dad, and Deb (my spouse) has been , you know, a soccer mom.

I have witnessed endless hours of small children running back and forth in front of me. That’s it, just back and forth, to and fro and that’s just it. That’s all.

I have waited endless hours for a score that never comes.

I have to pinch myself to stimulate consciousness just talking about this abysmal sport.

I have had a sense of silly pandering to the  unsupported myth that the inbred European cultures are somehow superior to “White trash America!” And that we should emulate them in all matters. Gimmme’ a break!







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