Hammerman here fellow Blogstalker! I FIXED THE ABOVE PIK. THE LINK IS BACK.! THE hAMMER,- HUMBLED, SO SORRY

Gaze, gaze deep and long at her face and despair. For she will be the representative who will greet the uninitiated, unwashed, unfed and unaffiliated with any political party. Gaze into the Garish clown mask of a smile she has frozen in Botox surprise with the eyebrows permanently fixed in the “sir you stuck your thumb up my ass!” arch. We have ventured past the pale and into the dark tree line of humanity. Where we pause at the entrance to a place called the Magic Theater. “Where the only admission is your mind.”
To have a mindless glad-hander like Pelosi fail to show the self-insight to know when to shut the f… up. But if the conservatives don’t figure out how to snag the Hispanic vote, the “Joker’ is going to whup their ass.
And that would be truly embarrassing.



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