Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, is pledging assistance to the Kurds in their fight against the Turkish forces that have entered  northern Syria with the avowed purpose of eradicating them. “Israel is prepared to extend humanitarian assistance to the Gallant Kurdish people.” states Netanyahu.  His offer is magnanimous beyond measure in that the Kurds are Muslim. This decision may seem odd if judged through purely partisan values that dictate automatic opposition to the followers of Islam. But honor is the gauge that Bibi is using to dictate his intensions and  actions. Sometimes, in order too act with honor, one must risk all and walk the razors edge.

Netanyahu condemns Turkish invasion: We are prepared to assist ‘gallant Kurdish people’

Honor is the vital link in the chain that binds a man to his self respect. Honor is the most vital link in the chain that binds the word of a man to another man and ultimately, to the world. The abandonment of the our erstwhile friends, the Kurds, is an insult to honor.

For Netanyahu the question will always remain…. What will it take for America to  abandon Israel? Honor cannot be compromised, it must be whole or nothing at all. Honor demands a heavy price sometimes. How far is America willing to go in helping it’s friends. When will we tell Israel “Well sorry but the price is too high. and the benefit to America too low , so sorry, you’re on your own!”  Discussion and debate, reasons and excuses, all are just breath without honor. So Bibi, I have seen the metal of your character, and know you are a man of honor.

Our own POTUS I am not so sure of.




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