Re-entry  into society is a problem with some incarcerants. The playgrounds, playmates and playthings are still there, waiting for the convict released to the street to pick back up and use to get started again. Old habits, old hang-outs and old comrades are a familiar harbor for the released prisoner. Often, friends from the old gang are already scheming on their first job after release.  Unfair incarceration, on various drug offences, and a reconcideration of charges have been a point of interest for the POTUS.

ISIAHA WASHINGTON, OF LATE KNOWN AS THE ACTOR CANNED FROM “GREYS ANATOMY” for making a gay slur , asserts what Pres. Trump has done more to help the black man than Obama.

The icons and role models for African Americans had better tart putting their money where there mouth is. Isaiah is not an isolated defector. He is one of countless young black men who are emerging from the shadows of the Democratic Plantation to find that the world is at their feet and all they have to do is go for it!  He has preasently ben reunited with his cast ans is working on the series again. Isaiah Washington.

It would be quite a wet dream to have an army of black men, all shoulder to shoulder, all working shoulder to shoulder with men of other colors. (Caucasian). If we were to work together, there would be nothing that we couldn’t achieve.