Trump Syndrome is in full flower one day after the Mueller Report has been rendered into the possession of AG Barr and before a syllable of the report has been released to congress, the white house, or the public. A quick perusal of the face page of Yahoo reveals the rampant ‘TS’ in the MSM. “Why Trumps aids lied t protect him…..” and a mob of similar headlines are cascading from wherever such flotsam floats. After well over 30 million dollars and thousands of man-hours search, researching, grilling witnesses in minefields of perjury traps and hanging hard time over their heads for infractions of the law years before Trumps campaign, and years before they even met Donald Trump.

Manafort stands between Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump









I include this link for your perusal. The word lie is sprinkled liberally throughout the piece but there are few if any statements as to the CONTENT of the lies. It is just a rather mind numbing repetition of so and so lied….and so and so lied……but no facts are forth coming. The content goes only as far as stating someone lied. Most of the charges levied in the investigation were directed toward Russian foreign nationals who had a huge ox to gore with Sec. of State Clinton, who was working feverishly to influence peddle with anybody who would be willing to pay. Who makes American Uranium stores available to RUSSIA? Hillary Clinton, that’s who!

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