Call it Karma. Call it justice. Call it a warm puppy if you  like but there is balance in the universe. Call entropy if you want to get fancy. I always feel a little better when a bully gets their come-up-pence. Rashidda Tlaib, a bitter, gargoyle-faced female congressperson has thrown her prodigious weight around and insulted, (obscenities) the POTUS before she was elected. She opposes nearly everything both Israel and America stand for and is acting as a sleeper for  the Muslim brotherhood..KLIKDAPIK for more….

Islraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left; and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, right.

She is a ardent supporter of the Palestinian lie as well as supporter of the BDS movement (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) aimed at the destruction of Israel. A few months ago Ms. Tlaib was banned and then admitted to come to Israel to visit her grandmother on the condition that she do no politicking for the BDS movement while she was there. She refused the invite with great hew and cry. And of course we all remember the charming moment captured on video before she was elected to congress, “I’m going to impeach that mother f….er.  It seems the need to badmouth  Israel was more important than seeing her dear old grandma.

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