The Koran is choc full of negative referances to Jews. Most of the referances direct good Muslims to kill them when they see them. Mohammed is said to be responsible for running the entire Jewish population off the Arabian peninsula. They are refered to as the progeny of apes and pigs. Even the rocks and trees have been enlisted in shouting out “Here is a Jew!”  should a Jew be hiding. The Jihad of the worst of the worst terrorist is, at it’s  root, fueled by anti-Semitism.

Summits have been held and peace deals signed many times in the past. But none have been worth more than the paper they were written on.



This article provides some rays of hope for a gradual reformation of the relationship between Muslims and Israelis. But like the lover, spurned and burned time and again , each new beginning carries a cautionary note that indeed, ‘the very best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry’. But on the other side of things, we should not be afraid to hope and with caution, we should try for piece.

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