Iran wants Israel dead. The world didn’t figure it out. The Ayatollahs that run things in Iran never cease to tire of braying about destroying Israel! Israel, the last outpost of civilization and the first to take the punch if things go ballistic in the middle east. The IDF reveals a long term strategy of encirclement  Iran in  positioning missiles, (guided) and rockets (unguided) on the three sides of Israel not facing the sea. They intend overwhelming the Israeli defenses, “Iron Dome,”  “David’s Sling” and “Patriot batteries” when their masses of weapons are in position as well as their poitical will to open up a can of Israeli Whoop-ass.

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Pompeo Reassures Israel After Trump Sold Out the Kurds

Pompeo reassures Bibi Netanyahu that we will not cut and run on Israel at a critical moment and screw them with our erstwhile allies the Kurds.  There are always witnesses to our public crimes, and with America, the entire world is watching., I cringe at  the abandonment to this group, who have been supportive, engaged and effective fighters supporting our efforts in more than one military operation .

Honor when lost, is almost impossible to mend., When you have broken your word in war, and the results are many deaths, …..possibly annihilation of a culture that has existed in the region for many millennia. We owed the Kurds. We abandoned them at a critical moment. To most people in the area you are foolish to trust a superpower that will turn their back and walk away as the wolfs can be heard gathering in the shadows of the tree line

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