The Three R’s

AOC got caught at a burger fest, and she didn’t raise a fuss. It’s truly disconcerting to think she is responsible for allowing such an investment in the perpetuation of the cow-farting crisis that she has quite vocally hitched her wagon to. Of course this is a bad place to hitch your wagon if your cow is farting. But what she is trying to sell smells of it too!  KLIKDAPIK for more.

Records: Arizona teacher had sex with boy in classroom while other student watched

The 27 year-old teacher who had sexual relations with a 13 year-old boy.

Parents are becoming more concerned about the sharp left evidenced in many areas. Textbooks taking on politically corrected history,…. teachers who can’t teach the three R’s  but push socialist indoctrination to current  liberal beliefs. These teachers, are themselves grown children  of a generation who failed to understand that they are employed  to educate our children. Not screw them.  Parents don’t screw their children, and while they are in the schoolhouse, the school and it’s instructors are the parents of our young uns No indoctrination to proper liberal or conservative ideals is required or desired.. Just the facts. Readin’…..Rightin’…..and….Rithmatic…..!


The Oldest Whore on the Block just Turned another Trick

You have to admit that Feinstein can put together a lynch mob quicker and better than anybody else in congress. Upon learning the name of the POTUS pick for supreme court justice , she put together a non-for-profit organization bent on derailing Kavanah’s confirmation as a Supreme.

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More Witnesses Deny Kavanaghs’ Accuser


The better angels of our nature were revealed when more (named)  witnesses deny knowledge of any sexual abuse by Judge Kavanauh. These denials come on the heels  of written depositions of other witnesses denying any knowledge of Dr. Fords accusations of sexual abuse by Kavanaugh.