Denial of Denial

In the years spent and misspent in higher learning, I came across the phenomena of history being rewritten…….. as I looked on in horror. It appears that in riding a crest of scholastic rebellion against previous paradigms, every author of history wants to get a name by being the scholar who ferreted out the “dirt” on many persons places and events of the American past. The sad truth is that the scholarship in the United States is so weakened by it’s ignorant  instructors, that facts, ungainly and old hat for eons, are being “rediscovered” and revealed to  equally undereducated students. ( Whisper aside) (“PSSSST we all knew about Sally Hemmings.” Ya poor benighted dolts! We screwed the Native Americans!”)  The not so revealing revelations could go on ad-naseum, while the Keystone-Culture-Cops whip out their neo-puritan dictionaries and learn us a good lesson on politically correct dialogue! The most disturbing thing is that all this pseudo-wisdom comes in large dollops of hubris.  In all cases it is the utter an utter lack of understanding human nature that defines the distortion in liberal thinking.  In all cases there are some facts that must be ignored in order to satisfy the need to reshape reality to fit progressive political beliefs. Some icon must fall. Some incident must be changed. History as it stands must die to justify invalidating a past  that contradicts present pet social theory.

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