Piks Fo Da Sliks


I have dabbled in oil painting sketching and other sundry artistic endeavors, have been a loyal devotee of Michaelangelo, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci etc.. Below is a casual example of Fredrick Douglass. The strength and anger of the man are forcefully revealed without sacrificing the inherent humanity of Douglas.

See the source image

I have always had the sneeking suspicion that left leaning types had a great time in grade scool and want to recreate those days through their career. Ergo you get books like “Everything you Need to Know You learned in grade school.: And a push for the elimination of standards. Standards of al types. No winer….No loser. No good art, job, decision, religion culture. etc. etc. When you eliminate standards the only argument are left with is the condemnation of anyone who finds fault with anything………case in point……So Lots flowers and POTUS is pretty! Right?See the source image

See the source imageThis artist can’t draw, and who gave Michelle the dress? Harriet Tubman? Sorry world but there are a few of us that have failed to gag down the thing about modern art. We believed in good and bad, right and wrong and win and fail. And my sense of good and bad tell me these are BAD pictures. Sorry about that, I guess I am a hopeless redneck! YE HAW!!!


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