I have always suspected  ulterior motives in the Dems fight to open borders. It is not all kindness and generosity that has a fire lit under their bottoms. POWER!  Most people will react positively to a government that will suit every need and quiet every whim you have supplied.

A rather obvious concern came to fruition in an interview with an actual “Dreamer” when he pulled back the curtain that concealed the “true” impetuous behind their caterwauling. ….VOTE…..VOTERS….VOTES

Screen Shot Hilario Yanez (Fox News: Feb 10, 2018)

More third world, ergo more Democratic voters for the foreseeable future.

But the emotional age of your average snowflake floats around at age 13. Some grow up. But many remain stuck in the limbo of an eternal teen-hood. But time and maturation will change many of the attitudes of the “Moon Units”. W. Churchill said, At the age of 19 you are heartless if you are not a liberal….at 40 you have no brains if you are not a conservative”.


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