Location baby, its everything!

OH! MY! Pardon me ladies and germs , but we appear to be experiencing some problems with terrorists gaining access to the kitchen via the wainscoting. Little Debbie spun a squakin’ banty Terrorist centralrooster. It sounded like a fat man popping his knuckles, a muted pop said the chicken was ready to pluck. The dead bird twitched and Little Deb said, “Hammer, just tell the pinko swine who runs the country to seven dust everything and then give us a call when the problem is solved.”

Taco Pete stirred, crawled from the walk-in closet. He pops two hundred clams a month for the closet, bathroom and kitchen privileges. “I’m not goin’ unless they are all deceased! Period”!

To this submission hammerman barked. “If they had set the venue in Siberia, at least the terrorists would have to be inconvenienced by having to travel a distance, maybe buy a plane ticket. As it stands they all could walk to the Olympic village on their lunch break to have a bit of a detonation before not returning to work.”

Sochi, her back against the Black Sea, is surrounded on all landward sides by Muslim countries heretofore involved in trying to kill Russians for fun, profit, and to get rid of all that old C-4 that had gotten mouldy. Allah Akbar!

It appears that there’s nothing but pissed Muslims for a thousand miles in any direction from Sochi. What the fuck was Putin thinking about ?