Peruse this short article concerning comments made by our favorite folk-singer in a funny hat ( the Pope). He asserts that we somehow condemn, impose, coerce or talk mean to immigrants and force them to live in Ghettos. The pontiff  asserted we are forcing western style democracy on them and are damaging their “tribal” cultural structures.

Libs and their pretzel logic: Libs, (with due respect I think it’s safe to call the pope a lib) get the whole cause and effect formula back-asswards. No one forces these folk into a ghetto they cloister according to their language, origin and culture. Thus the “no go zones” that coalesce whenever there is a large enough group of like minded brethren. They form their own ghettos. And remember little Libtards, every slum, in particular, those built for low income, was as bright and clean as can be when first built. Hmmmm? Well who did all the damage, left the garbage in the streets and spray-paint on the walls? ANSWER ME. THINK ABOUT IT! Who trashed the no go zones?

People make slums.

Western style democracy in the libtard playbook: WHAT is western style democracy?  I guess it’s not a sixth century system of nabobs and potentates administering justice through the blood-soaked halls of Sharia justice. Or it’s the style of democracy that imposes a third class citizenship on females….. I wonder, (An aside if I were writing a play), do they let you keep the hacked-off arms and other body parts? You know, so that part can be buried along with the rest of the body when you finally kick.

The cherry on the Libtards hot fudge (halal of course), Sunday: The Paris killing spree was committed by ‘children of immigrants, raised in ghettos. To shorten the story. We, not the trigger pullers and human bombs,  caused the massacre of over thirty Parisians a few months ago! How is that for Papal Bull!

Pardon me but I fell out of my chair. My eyes were filed with tears. I still can’t tell whether I was crying or laughing or both.


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