In these days , when the air is rarified by winds of condemnation and prejudice for all things American, I have a Man crush on Chris Pratt. Not that he is  “just too sexy”. He is, however unbowed by the Main Stream Media as well as the critical glance of politically charged celebs in  his orbit around LALA Land.

The controversy is sparked by his crime of wearing a T-shirt sporting the coiled snake of the Gadsden flag. The flag image, created during the revolutionary war, has been adopted by some on the far right of the political spectrum. By association, he is damned.

Of course, after outing himself as a conservative Christian a few months ago, his days as THE darling of  hip, slick and high production value movies are now numbered. I don’t think anyone who is wearing a T with a coiled snake on it, proclaiming “Don’t Tread on Me”. is going to cave to the pseudo righteous left.  For more KLIKDAPIK

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenneger

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