Speaking to History

For the first time in his presidency, Trump spoke to history. His presidential persona was immaculate as he stuck to the written speech as well as responding extemporaneously to incidents from the gallery with a gentle smile that disarmed ( for a moment), some of those who had spit vitriol at the POTUS, even unto calling him a “motherfucker”  publicly. What could have been a SOTU of searing tension and hostile stares, Trump, in his calls for unity in the country and bi-partisanship in Congress as well as many statements designed to bring the left to its feet, and lifted the mood of the  room.

Beyond the disarming rhetoric, Trump revealed a deep understanding of his place in the American return to fundamental values. His blunt refutation of socialism “The United States will never be a socialist country!” served as a place to plant his flag in challenging  the sharp left turn the Democratic party has taken. Like Kennedy and his challenge to put a man on the moon by “the end of this decade”  or Regan’s quest to bring down the “Empire of Evil” he is at a fateful intersection in history. And he knows it.

KLIKDAPIK for a great little article by Newt Gingrich.


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