Apostates and Christians on the Run!!!

In the Old Testament, whenever it was said to give this city or that village to God, it was a divine command to kill every man, woman and child, as well as livestock pets etc. and thus, “give them to God” How many times has this command been made and followed in the last 2 millennia? The answer is, zip. The reason no biblical massacres have been made since, is that none but a dementia ridden fool would think to impose such biblical behavior in todays world.

An example of a religion tht didn’t seem to get the memo is Islam. Iran, in adherence to is spiritual roots and the commands made therein has taken to arresting apostates and Christians,  giving them time behind bars.

Can a religion, carrying its own legal code, and disrespecting all other legal systems, truly assimulate into another culture?

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Of course  no article on Islamic conflict would be complete without a look at Ilhans status in her meteoric rise in politics since her freshman year in congress began. It seems there are some inconsistencies in her memory of her own history.











Mutual Respect or We Will Riot and Kill Some of Their Own

Isn’t she just precious? Delicate features, swan-like neck. Smile is a little forced but overall………not bad.

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Too bad she respects neither the culture nor the people who believe the cultures bedrock values as she mocks our vice pres. for his religion. I wonder how he female genital mutilation  worked out. All little tags of labia or particles of clitoris left after the holy deed was done?. Lets feel sorry for her. She has been mutilated and she thinks its alright.  OR  She may be part of the ten percent  who have not had the job done. But if so, I hope she faired well and I hope her life of numb sex goes well.


Image result for cartoon transgenders      The is a vast chasm between indoctrination and objective education. Considering our students have all the resources they need, it seems odd that American students have some of the worst  academic scores of all the developed nations.   

Diversity is Beautiful……

Diversity is beautiful, flawless and good for us….EVERY TIME!  The article and video linked to the rather intense picture below says it all. I would like to add, however,… Where is it written that all religiously focused behavior is correct all the time? Accept, of course, when it is Christian in origin. Then it is open season for all abuse and insult. The objective reality is that some cultures are better than other cultures. But of course objective reality is a mean thing and it should be shunned if it interferes with further diversity. “Wait! I am getting confused! Up is down? Blood should be splattered on the street and not kept in ones veins? I guess I’m a bigot.”