The rather handsome woman pictured below represents academia and postulates the theory that Israeli soldiers have been deliberately sparing Palestinian lives in order to further their diabolical plot to emotionaly cripple the population.  Rutgars University Jasbir Puar, Co- recipient of kudos from the “Alison Piepmeier” award for her co-authoring “The right to maim: Debility, Capacity, and Disability.” The target point of the book promotes that Israeli soldiers have marked a demonstrable pattern of maiming rather than killing Palestinians that come into their sights.  Let me repeat the salient caveat of her work……ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCES HAVE BEEN DELIBERATLY WOUNDING RATHER THAN KILLING PALESTINIANS FOR YEARS? The premise is that in breaking the spirit of the Palestinians they somehow defeat them?

Further  evidence that the IDF is up to no good is that Israeli medical care is regularly provided to those who have been wounded while rioting or breaching Israel’s security fence…or… Flying bomb-laden kites, bonfires of stacked and burning tires, HE, (high explosive) packed rockets fired indiscriminately into Israeli neighborhoods are a few high risk activities that result in injuries treated by Israelis. For free! For further info regarding this strange tune KLAKDAPIK below.




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