And the Lord will “Double Tap” the house of the condemned.

Drone strike

It is disturbing to me to hear the deafening silence coming from our loyal opposition concerning the “selection” of targets by the guy who carried the most liberal voting record of virtually everyone in congress.  Nothing is said in the servile Obamapress corps or liberal pundits that take the commander in chief to task for violating the sovereignty of other nations at will and murdering foreign nationals at will.  But, alas, nada.  Not a peep.  The invariable collateral damage that such strikes cause has been blatantly unaddressed by the national press entities.  Is Obama a “Murderer in Chief?”  The practice of putting a second missile into the target site is a particularly nasty tactic.  After the first missile, those who rush in to assist the injured are visited with a second rocket.  And further “collateral damage” occurs.  Said damage could be a group of bad guy affiliates or maybe a dinner party with innocent women and children.

Bush did it.  This I do not doubt.  But he didn’t posture as a moral superior and lord it over the people whom he is to merely SERVE.

It is a question of a value system built upon situational ethics and moral relativism. “Oh! Presto!  Chango!.”  Pillery the professionals waterboarding some mass murderers to save American lives, then finger those “marked for death” like John Gotti.