With all the caterwauling about “Islamophobia” , LGBPDQ phobia, brownophobia and ugly white demons from hell phobia, real live persecution gets lost in the dust. Islamophobia will get you air time on any of the MSM news outlets. A gay moment could get some air, and watching muscled up psudo-fems lurching around the track whuppin’ the real women on the field will get a pic on Yahoo front-page. What about the world wide murder, displacement and oppression of Christians? Why do we not hear more about this dismal trend?  Could it be, that what the MSM, (Main Stream Media), reveals is cherry picked to preach to the choir.  Christianity, a restraining force in society, is not popular with the Moonies on the left, so most of the badmouthing Christianity takes place in popular western culture.  Oppositional/defiant disorder, a diagnosis only found in treating adolescents,  marks the emotional age of the die-hard liberals who control most MSM outlets.  Authorities, even spiritual authorities, are seen as the enemy of liberal living and stand in the way of the pan-permissive culture at large.

The linked article is a work of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a converted ex-Muz who has paid a heavy price for her life as a Muslim as well as great courage in confronting damage the religion of Islam wreaks upon women and society in general. so KLIKDAPIK SLIK!


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