An Ode to the apathetic


QUESTION FOR THE LADIES: If i, (random male) walked up and stuck my finger in your cleavage.  I would  probably end up in the slammer. for sexual assault……which is as it should be, If any sexualy explicit ACTION IS TAKEN AGAINST A CHILD IT IS EXPONENTIALLY AGGRAVATED, So why has there been no popular hew and cry over the sick and cruel crime of female genital,mutilation? Sorry I can’t answer that query, why has no one come to the little ones rescue?….KLIKDAPIK for a good article. the only request I ask  is that you read it to it’s conclusion. It is a gut wrenching read. but force yourself. maybe, someone who is in a position to do some good will step forword,


Tricked into a false gathering for a little preaching, 81 were murdered in NIGERIA,

REMEMBER AFRICA? why does it seem that the world has so little concern over the plight of the sub-sahan nativs

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